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We post up New Videos on products we have come across, and outings we have been on in the RC Hobby. While we link some of the content here all of our content can be viewed through our YouTube Channel.. Please be sure to Subscribe and toggle the Bell icon to stay up to date on everything Custom Crawlerz.

Custom Crawlerz on YouTube

TLT Trailing in Puposky, MN July 2019

Check out this Trailing video running one of our old school TLT Frames with our New TLT Axle Link mount plates front and rear.  The Frames, and Axle mounts can be purchased through the Store.

Bruder Mac Granite Conversion (Jeff M) in ND

Here is a Video of a Bruder Mac Granite Dumptruck Build that has been in progress for a while.

GMADE Komodo Unboxing - Thoughts

Come along as we open up and check out the GMADE Komodo Scale Truck.. This is a nicely built rig and would be a great addition to anyones RC Fleet.. You can find it through our Store to Order one of your own..

Bruder D11 Dozer for (Bryan T) in PA

In this Video we are going through the features of a D11  build for a Customer (Bryan T of PA). We talk about the unit and its features, and show what all it has to offer.  To get your own Custom Dozer head over to our SHOP.

Bruder D5 Dozer Pushin some SNOW

In this Video we are running a recently Converted Bruder D5 Dozer that has the upgraded Aluminum Drive Wheels, and Metal Tracks on it.. The unit also features Actuonix Linear Actuators to run the Blade lift and Tilt on the unit.. This thing has more then enough power to spare even without running the Top servos we have available.

Custom Crawlerz BRUDER Volvo Unboxing and Thoughts

In this video we unbox and look over the BRUDER Volvo A60H Hauler for the first time with you. We look at some measurements on the unit and get an overall feel for how we will do the conversion.  Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content from us.

Custom Crawlerz BRUDER D11 Dozer

In this video we have a Custom Crawlerz converted BRUDER D11 Dozer with FULL lights and a sound unit installed for a Customer (Barry R. of PA)

Custom Crawlerz BRUDER D11 Dozer / FULL Options (Sept. 2018)

 In this video we have a Custom Crawlerz converted BRUDER D11 Dozer with Aluminum Drive Wheels, Steel Tracks, FULL lights, and Sound unit installed for a Customer (Naresh D. of NY) 

Custom Crawlerz BRUDER D5 Dozer w/Lights

In this video we have a Custom Crawlerz converted Bruder D5 Dozer with FULL lights installed. (This Dozer Belongs to Jeff M of ND)

Custom Crawlerz Bruder D5 dozer

In this video, we are running the Custom Crawlerz designed Bruder D5 dozer outside pushing around some sand on the concrete.

Custom Crawlerz BRUDER D5 Track Upgrade Video (8/18/18)

In this video we got in the parts to get the D5 Dozers Drive wheels and Tracks upgraded to a much better option. We also had to add on a Blade Widener as the New tracks were wider than the orig. blade.

Custom Crawlerz Converted Bruder Mack Dumptruck

In this video we are testing out the climbing ability of a Custom Crawlerz built Bruder D5 dozer over a few stacked rocks.

Custom Crawlerz TLT Crawler

This is a video of a TLT Crawler climbing up the side of a rocky hill and taking a tumble down into the hands of the driver Jeff M.

RAGE RC - Imager 390 Drone Video

 The Imager 390 FPV Drone is the perfect large, stable drone for FPV photography, videography, or simply fun flying. The robust 390mm size and a 6-axis gyro system combine to provide optimized stability, while standard features such as One-Touch Power-Up and Landing, Heading Lock, Return, and Altitude Hold allow pilots to spend more time getting the images and videos they want, and less time worrying about keeping the drone in the air. 

You can order it here through our SHOP